Classroom Rules

Classroom Rulestitle

To create a healthy and successful learning environment in our classroom, we have a few basic rules:

  1. Treat everyone with respect.

  2. Practice self-control.

  3. Make good choices.

  4. Have a good attitude.

  5. Take an active part and always do your best!


Positive Consequences for Following the Rules:

  1. Individual point for participation.

  2. Prizes.

  3. Spanish stickers.

  4. Blue Knight Nickel.

  5. Congratulations emails / calls.

Consequences for Bad Choices:

  1. Verbal Warning.

  2. Student/Teacher Conference.

  3. Parent Conference(call).

  4. Lunch detention.

  5. Visit to Principal-Vice principal's office.

Things to Remember

Things to Remember title

  • Folder/ Section on a binder: all students need to have a folder or a section for Spanish classes.
  • Name tag: students should have a name tag while on class until February.